Ponderosa Landscape Services
and Tree Services 

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E-mail: sales@ponderosalandscape.com

Serving our clients in the Denver metro area of Colorado for more than 30 years with the following Commercial and Business site only, Landscape and Tree Services:

Tree & shrub Services:

  • Plant Health Maintenance Services. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure." Ben Franklin

  • Insect & Disease Control Services, including: Emerald Ash Borer preventive treatments with TREE-age systemic insecticide by Arborjet, which has proven to be the most effective method in preventing and controlling Emerald Ash Borer damage to Ash trees in states with heavy Emerald Ash Borer infestations, according to the tree experts. TREE-age also protects against tree damage from all trunk boring insects, and most other insects that affect Ash trees for two years. Please click on the Ash tree photo to the left to view our video on TREE-age trunk injections.

  • Pruning & Shaping Services.

Turf-grass Services:

  • Fertilization services.

  • Weed control services.

  • Insect & disease control services.

  • Mowing, trimming, and edging services.

  • Core aeration services.

  • Over-seeding services.

Sprinkler Services:

  • Water Use Management Services.

  • Spring startup and Fall winterization/blowout services.

  • Complete repair and maintenance services.

Tractor Services:

  • Mowing of native grass and field areas with our tractors equipped with large rotary cutters and flail mowers.

  • Over-seeding of native grass with our tractor mounted equipment.

Snow Plowing Services: